Coach Mac

Coach Mac is a human performance expert who served with the British Army as an infantry soldier before moving onto other roles within the British Army.

Coach Mac has spent time in Finland at the Olympic training center working, testing and coaching cross country skiers and power lifters implementing both the findings of both lab based and physical tests.

A list of some of Mac's qualifications:

Sports performance BSC,

Strength and conditioning level 3,

Tactical strength and conditioning.

Coach Mac competes in endurance events mainly ultra marathons as well as CrossFit competitions and cycling events.



About Us

REORG Fitness

Developed specifically with the Tactical and Endurance Athlete in mind combining Endurance coaching with integrated functional and mental resilience training into the package. Giving you, the Athlete the skills and techniques to achieve your goals. Using techniques taught to British Special Forces (UKSF) soldiers and personalized science and experience guided coaching.



Our Mission:


To supply you, the athlete with one thing....

Performance Excellence.

Coaching for:

Seriously committed athletes of single or multi-disciplines only

Coaching for warriors by warriors!


Danny Evans

Our Reorg fitness sponsored athlete. 

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