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Experience and science driven, goal achieving coaching becoming #bettereveryday


£120 P/m



  • Designed for serious athletes who have challenging schedules. 
  • Require a high level of flexibility and customisation to their training plan. 
  • Athletes will get more interaction with their coach.
  • This program includes four coaching calls.
  • Your own elite personalised science based programming fitted around your life.
  • Incorporating  techniques taught to British Special Forces soldiers (UKSF) and elite sports and business leaders worldwide.
  • Accountability for your training.
  • iOS and Android app access anywhere, anytime and one to one coaching via Skype, other media platforms or email support.
  • Video analysis.
  • Performance testing. 
  • STRAVA link and Garmin connect analysis to track your training.
  • You the athlete have access to the coaches unique experience and mindset.
  • We will increase your performance.
  • This will be the next evolution of your training. 
(A 12 month discounted option is available, please contact us).


Danny Evans

Our Reorg fitness sponsored athlete. 

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